Identify a policy issue/challenge and develop a plan for creating and passing legislation to address the policy issue/challenge. The chosen topic can be related to the legislation The selection should be one related to community, state or national t

double spaced with one-inch margins Outline typed in 12-point type with Times New Roman Numbered pages, Law
A narrative which addresses the following:The topic, issue, challenge, or legislation to be addressed in the requested legislationThe problem statement: What is the problem or issue?A brief history or background of the topic, issue, challenge, or legislation.The public good or benefit if this legislation is passedThe legislative body to which you are you presenting this legislationThe name of a potential sponsor(s) and which committee(s) will have jurisdictionWho is likely to be in favor of the bill and/or against it?Whether public funding will be needed to implement the legislationA list of sources or bibliographyProperly cite your work where neededfederal, state (MD) Maryland  or local bill (legislation)
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